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Your guide to the lifestyle of Tartu

The Tasku Shopping Centre in the heart of Tartu, opened in 2008, is the first multifunctional centre of its kind in Estonia. Our vision is to act as a guide to the lifestyle of Tartu with our community, our selection of products and services, our opportunities and synergy.

Tasku is situated in the best city in the whole world

The Tasku Shopping Centre in the heart of Tartu is the first multifunctional centre of its kind in Estonia, bringing together shops and service points, entertainment, a modern healthcare centre and Class A office spaces under a common roof, being connected to the Tartu Coach Station on one side and to Dorpat, largest hotel in Tartu, via a gallery on the Emajõgi River side.

Inspired by the spirit of Tartu, we established the Tartu Pioneers’ Alley in 2010 which now meanders next to Tasku towards Emajõgi. Can you guess whose footprints were the first on that alley?

Tasku is a part of the Estiko Group

Estiko is a group of enterprises based on Estonian capital which are mainly active in Tartu. The main activities of Estiko include real estate development and management, manufacturing of packagings and packaging materials, accommodation services and energy production.

We are proud to belong to the same group as our sister enterprises: Lydia Hotel and Restaurant Hõlm, Hotel Dorpat and Herb Spa, Estiko-Plastar, Estiko Energia, Kesklinna Keskus, Novapolis, Sisustus E Kaubamaja and others.

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About 40 shops and service points

You will find about  40 shops at Tasku, including several that are unique in Tartu: the fashion brands Mango, Gant, Mohito and House, the Nike Outlet sports store, the CCC footwear store, the Change lingerie boutique, the beauty brand The Body Shop and the interior decoration store Hemtex. Book lovers appreciate the cosy atmosphere of the book store Rahva Raamat.

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Original eateries for lovely leisure

Good food always makes your heart sing. At Tasku, you will find various tastes from around the world, starting from America, taking a detour to Italy and Japan and all the way to the freshness of an Australian surfing paradise. See the eateries on the first, second and fourth floor of Tasku. Some of them have the best views of central Tartu!

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Daily inspiration for happiness

Happiness lies in different things for everyone but one thing is certain – the key to your happy life is a lifestyle that suits you. We at Tasku feel that Tartu is our lifestyle!

We love being authentic, talking about things that we care about and that are relevant, inspiring and educating, being enthusiastic and ingenious, putting ourselves to the test and being creative. We do this together with our wonderful shops and great cooperation partners with whom we help you to create a lifestyle for yourself that makes you happy. It may be a reading or training experience, a food or shopping experience, fresh flowers in a vase or new, soft bed linen – happiness lies in small things! We share daily inspiration on the social media channels and in newsletters of Tasku.

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We take green actions together

The green actions of the Tasku Centre start from the year 2018 when a solar park with 560 solar panels was installed on the roof of Tasku. This was the first solar power plant launched by the Estiko Group.

In 2021, we opened a re-use locker at Tasku, helping to save the environment and to support the local community – all items donated via the locker are re-used thanks to the shops of Uuskasutuskeskus (Re-use Centre) in Tartu.

In addition, we make an effort to act sustainably and to set an example in our daily activity: we recycle materials, re-use gift cards of the Tasku Centre, sort waste, print on recycled paper, promote soft mobility and decorate the common areas of the centre with live plants. We believe that great actions can be achieved with small steps.


We care about the well-being of our visitors, the success of our partners, the future of Tartu and the natural environment where everyone thrives. We want everyone to feel welcome and cared for at Tasku.


We want to do things in a novel way, to develop continuously and to solve challenges.

Sense of community

We are committed to making the employees at the centre feel secure and view themselves as a valuable part of the community of the Tasku Centre.


We manage the Tasku Centre with joy and enthusiasm – for real!


We create and develop the Tasku Centre together with many companies for which we want to be a valued cooperation partner.

The values of Tasku