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Rimi: Mon-Sun 8-23
Turu 2, Tartu

Rental spaces at Tasku

Tasku Centre is the first multifunctional centre of its kind which has combined shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities with service points and office spaces right from the start. The area of commercial spaces at Tasku is 14 000 m2 and the annual number of visitors is over 4.6 million.

The Tasku Centre is located in central Tartu and is connected to the Tartu Coach Station and Hotel Dorpat, the largest hotel in Tartu. Offices and eateries boast views of the Emajõgi River and the Old Town of Tartu. In 2012, Tasku and the Emajõe Business Centre, colloquially known as Plasku, were integrated.

If you are interested in rental commercial and office spaces at Tasku (incl. Plasku), please contact the CEO of the centre at

If you are interested in temporary rental pop-up spaces or renting of advertisement spaces, please contact