Stores: Mon-Sat 10-21, Sun 10-18
Rimi: Mon-Sun 8-22
Turu 2, Tartu

The most affordable parking in central Tartu

The first hour of parking at Tasku is free, 24 h of parking at the 24 h open car park costs 10 €.

Price list and payment

  • The first hour of parking at the Tasku Centre is free (except during nighttime in the basement car park), each additional started hour costs 1 € and the fee for 10-24 hours of parking is calculated as the day fee of 10 €.
  • 24 h of parking costs 10 €, after the expiry of 24 hours each additional started hour costs 1 € (up to the 10th hour, starting from which the parking fee is again calculated as the day fee of 10 €).
  • Monthly parking card for parking round the clock costs 120 €/month, the parking card can be ordered online from the website of EuroPark Estonia (select Tasku Parkimismaja as the parking zone).
  • The lost ticket charge is 16 €.
  • You can pay for parking at pay stations in cash, with a bank card or with your mobile phone. Pay stations are located on each parking level.


The car park on the 2nd to 4th floor and the basement car park of Tasku are open round the clock.

The multi-storey car park can be entered from the intersection of Riia and Turu streets and from Soola Street next to Hotel Dorpat. Exits are located towards Soola Street and Vana-Turu Street.

The entrances and exits of the basement car park are located on Soola Street. 15 minutes of parking in the basement car park of Tasku is free 21-07, each additional hour costs 1 euro.

Between 22 and 07 o’clock, the centre can be exited on foot only via the door on the Turu Street side, on the 1st floor of the centre. Between 22 and 07 o’clock, the door on the Turu Street side is also the only entrance for entering on foot (the door is located below the illuminated logo of Gym!). In order to enter, please call +372 5919 1192 and wait a couple of seconds until the door is unlocked for you.

Information about the parking operator

The car parks of Tasku are operated by OÜ EuroPark Estonia. More information about the terms and conditions of parking and its organisation can be found at the website

24 h information line: +372 661 0223.

Family parking

It is important to us that the visit to Tasku is enjoyable to the whole family. Larger family parking spots are located on the 0 level and on the parking level of the 2nd floor.

Electric charging

An Eleport fast charger for electric cars is located on the parking level of the 2nd floor of Tasku, at the end towards Hotel Dorpat.

Bike parking at the entrances

Bike parking stands are located on three sides of the centre: towards Turu Street and Rahu Bridge and next to the entrance on the Hotel Dorpat side. A bike parking stand is also located in the car park of the 0 level.

To Tasku on a city bike

The system of Tartu Smart Bike Share covers the entire city of Tartu, up to the county border. The Soola bike share station is located right next to Tasku, at the intersection of Soola Street and Turu Street. Here you can conveniently rent or return a bike. Read more about the Smart Bike Share on the website