Stores: Mon-Sat 10-21, Sun 10-18
Rimi: Mon-Sun 8-23
Turu 2, Tartu
1st floor
Mon-Sat 10-21, Sun 10-18

Given is the largest jewellery retail chain in the Baltics with a wide selection for all tastes, unique collections of private jewellery brands and excellent customer service – interest-free payment processing on the spot in the store, the possibility to reserve selected jewellery items, gold exchange and purchase, gift cards, jewellery service and engraving services.

GIVEN is a jewellery brand that stands for joy, beauty, love, creativity and sustainability, expressing this in its jewellery – through design, unique brand collections and carefully considered details, making the precious accessible.

GIVEN’s role is to make jewellery accessible to everyone, because our story is about joy – the joy of affording, the joy of adorning and gifting jewellery to others, both effortlessly and conveniently.

GIVEN is about joy, so we open the door to the world of jewellery and adornment to anyone looking to brighten up their everyday life with joyful accents. We are open and available for everyone to come in, try on, learn, feel and shine. Given is jewellery for everyone – for everyday life and for life’s most beautiful moments – relevant, accessible, for every taste and mood.

We welcome everyone to discover their world of jewellery.